3-1 Register

How to use register

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Close:  Back to home.

:  Add unregistered items in to the cart.

Exchange:  Exchange Open drawer.

Clear:  Clear cart.


Category Tab:  It will be scrolled to the items within chosen category.

Search Bar:  Search and narrow down the items.

Items:  Items will be added to the cart as you choose.


:  Increase the quantity of items.

:  Decrease the quantity of items.

Price :  Enter a discount price of item.

Quantity:  Enter the quantity of items.

Under cart

値引:  Discount Enter a discount price.

従業員コード:  Staff Code Enter a staff code.


Choose a button depending on a payment method.

Ext. Card:  Record the payments history that were transacted in a external terminal.

Cash:  Payment by cash.


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